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2 Hour Rental Special
2 Hours of Bowling
Shoes Included!

Only $8 per Person!
Available ALL DAY!


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By becoming a bowler at Parkway Lanes, you will receive what we call our "League Access Card." This simple card that looks more like your USBC Sanction Card or a Credit Card, grants you full access to Parkway Lanes' discounts and awards! With our card, receive the following:

  • Discounted Practice ($2.00 Rate, all day and night)
  • Discounts on your children's Birthday Parties
  • The ability to win the following awards in league play (Only awards with an * are repeatable, others are one per league, per season):
    • 500 Series (1 Game)
      600 Series (1 Game)
      700 Series (2 Games)
      800 Series (7 Games)*
      +25 Pins Over Average (1 Game)
      +35 Pins Over Average (2 Games)
      +50 Pins Over Average (2 Games)
      (Ladies) 175+ Game (2 Games)
      200+ Game (1 Game)
      225+ Game (2 Games)
      250+ Game (3 Games)
      300 Game (5 Games)*
      11 Strikes In A Row (3 Games)*
      Recruit-A-Friend to a league (10 Games)

For our bowlers whom have already received a League Access Card:

If your card has been lost and you had a prior card assigned to you, we will replace your card within the first six weeks of league bowling free of charge. If this card is lost or stolen, there will be a $5 replacement fee, with all earned games being lost. Remember: PROTECT THIS CARD LIKE CASH! This card will be your ONLY proof of identity to receive your League Access Discount of $2.00 per Game. Furthermore, this card is your only access to the free games you will earn during League Play. Also remember, this card is issued and for use by the bowler on the card only. Contents and discounts on this card are not transferrable to friends, family members, or other associates.